Ewaan hosts first phase owners of villas in AlFareeda Rsidential Project

Mr. Riyadh Al Thaqafi: “We are now moving fast forward to complete the first phase of this unique project according to the highest international quality standards in order to satisfy the expectations of our customers.”

In order to update them about the latest developments, Ewaan Global Residential Company invited first phase owners of villas in Alfareeda to visit the residential project being developed by the company in the Dhaban area north of Jeddah.

 According to Mr. Riyadh Al Thaqafi, CEO of Ewaan, the visit idea was based on the principle of transparency and the need for constant communication with customers in order to meet with them, listen to what have to say, learn their opinions about the finishing work, and advise them about the schedule for the handover of the units.

Out of 320 unit owners, more than 200 attended the event. The owners watched a presentation about project’s process since its inauguration five years ago, mentioning that the project faced many challenges from the initial design stage to the execution phase. Following the Jeddah floods it was necessary to add new requirements which were not in the original plans, such as flood water drainage, a sewer system and a power plant.  In addition, work at Alfareeda faced the same challenges as many other real estate projects due to the labor shortage resulting from implementation of the Saudization program.

 “We were keen about inviting our customers to visit the project in its final phases and were pleased to listen to them, hear their comments and discuss their views,” said Mr.  Al Thaqafi, who added: “This was the first ever meeting with owners to be held at the corporate level prior to delivery of the project as opposed to during the sales phase.”

The event included a number of activities aimed at enhancing Ewaan’s relationship with its customers and informing them about the latest developments at Alfareeda. Visitors went on a tour, where they saw the progress being made in Phase One and examined the high quality finishes being put to their villas. They were also briefed on the progress of paving the roads and installing lighting, which will be completed before the residents move in to occupy their new homes.

 Owners also visited the location dedicated to the Mosque and toured the social and entertainment facilities, including Alfareeda Social Club, which is the main entertainment and sports center.

The visit concluded with a questions and answers session in which owners inquiries were answered in full.

 Alfareeda is the largest residential project in the Kingdom in terms of the number of units and is complete with a technologically advanced infrastructure as well as all the facilities and integrated services that answer the needs of the modern family.

All infrastructure work for Phases One and Two has been completed according to the highest standards and the power substation being constructed by ABB at a cost of SR 63 million is ready for operations. The water treatment unit that utilizes advanced technology to keep Alfareeda an environment friendly area is also complete and is currently being tested before it becomes fully operational.

A key component of the many developments that are transforming the Dhaban area north of Jeddah into the urban extension of the city, Alfareeda occupies one million square meters of land and consists of more than 1,800 residential units supported by an advanced infrastructure and service facilities.

 In addition to enjoying many other advantages, residents of Alfareeda benefit from the strategic location close to major existing and planned institutions in New Jeddah including King Abdullah Hospital, Al Thuraya University, The Kingdom City and Tower, and the new sports stadium currently in its final execution phase.

 Concluding his comments, Mr. Al Thaqafi said: “We are now moving fast forward to complete the first phase of this unique project according to the highest international quality standards in order to satisfy the expectations of our customers and sent a benchmark for future Ewaan projects that will contribute to meeting the demand for residential accommodation in the western region as well as in other regions of the Kingdom.”